An Insight into the Polyvagal Theory

We are pleased to offer a session around Stephen Porges’s Polyvagal theory which is innovative research into the autonomic nervous…

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Grief and Loss

We have all experienced loss whether it’s a living loss, an ambiguous loss, a bereavement or a loss we have…

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Coming Back from Covid

In this workshop, the focus is on how we can support children and teen’s mental health following a global pandemic.…

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Real Love Rocks

We offer a six week interactive programme to Year 6 children in primary schools. The programme has been developed by…

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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

The research on ACEs was very impactful in terms of raising awareness around the impact of early life experiences on…

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Managing challenging behaviours

In this workshop, we focus on the behaviours that are hardest to cope with; those that we find stressful, irritating,…

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Understanding Children’s Behaviours

Sometimes, we feel baffled by the way a child or young person behaves. Their behaviours can appear to have no…

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Exploring the Impact of Trauma on Children and Young People

Traumatic experiences can have a huge impact on an individual’s physical and emotional health and well-being whenever they are experienced…

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Understanding Attachment in Nursery or School Settings

This is a very popular training as the need to revisit and refresh knowledge of this theory is well recognized…

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Therapeutic Play Session Training

The training can be provided over one day with a group of staff or on an individual basis over two,…

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Staff supervision sessions

Our supervision sessions combine emotional support and time to reflect, and would develop the support systems within the school. As…

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LEGO® Based Therapy Training

LEGO®-based therapy is collaborative group play intervention in which children work together to build LEGO® models. The aim of the…

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Children and Anxiety

Many of the children and adolescents we work with are initially referred because they are struggling with strong feelings of…

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Working Creatively with Children and Teens

(This training can be adapted for those with or without counselling training who are providing or want to provide one…

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If you have a need for a topic to be covered in a twilight session, please do get in touch. We have provided many bespoke sessions and are more than happy to talk about what you need and how we can help.

Feedback from all our training is either recorded as excellent or very good.

Some recent feedback from staff from schools in Lancashire,

“Learning the theory behind trauma and the survival behaviours that come from trauma, helped me to find the words to help children verbalise their thoughts and feelings, reducing the need to behave in an aggressive way.”

” I learnt why I react as I do, this was helped by Helen and Catherine providing a safe, compassionate space where we all felt listened too.   It also helped listening to others reactions to traumatic events, even small events that you may not realise has caused a trauma response. This then helped me understand the reactions children have and why they might occur.”