Children and Anxiety

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About this training

Many of the children and adolescents we work with are initially referred because they are struggling with strong feelings of anxiety. This can have a known ‘cause’ or not; it can seem to have come on suddenly or have always been there. It can be showing in behaviours such as difficulty in sleeping, low self-esteem, specific fears (of dogs for example), difficulty in being out of sight of a parent, not wanting to attend school, emotional overload and related ‘meltdowns’.

At this workshop adults will learn about the potential origins of anxiety, triggers to anxious episodes, how to notice when anxiety is taking over and practical solutions to help children manage feelings of anxiety.


What participants said about this workshop:

“Learned the importance of finding time to think carefully about anxiety in my children, wife and myself and how to recognise the triggers, signs and learn strategies”.

“Really interesting, I could have stayed for more!”

“Excellent, thank you”.

“The whole session was useful. Informative and relaxing to listen to. Good feedback from other people attending too”.

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