Grief and Loss

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About this training

We have all experienced loss whether it’s a living loss, an ambiguous loss, a bereavement or a loss we have learned to mask.

In the safe space created in this workshop, we will explore the impact of loss on children and young people and the participants role as co-regulators in helping those affected go through the process of losing someone and grieving for them.

We will use body-based enquiry work to understand that loss is often stored within the bodies. Together we will learn possible physical manifestations of grief and gentle therapeutic ways that children and young people can be supported in processing their loss.

This training is well supported as we understand that personal experiences will be present for some participants. Being trained and experienced therapists, we have the skills to hold the group and emerging emotions with compassion, acceptance and understanding. We will keep everyone safe within this emotive training experience.

What participants have said about this workshop:

“Was really interesting and found this really emotive subject. I could have stayed for more!”

“I thought the delivery by both Catherine and Helen was very good. You complemented each other very well. Both very welcoming upon arrival”.

“You both speak very well and have a talent for making everyone feel safe and comfortable.”

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