Managing challenging behaviours

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About this training

In this workshop, we focus on the behaviours that are hardest to cope with; those that we find stressful, irritating, unacceptable, draining.

We explore what might be driving the behaviours and how we can respond and do things to reduce the power and frequency of these behaviours.  We also think about how to cope as the adults impacted by challenging behaviours.

This workshop can be adapted for the work place and for parents and carers.


What participants said about this workshop:

“I gained a sense of self understanding and how to step back and look at myself as well as the child.”

“Really fun and practical, not just talking at us but discussing our own experiences.”

“I have gained a lot of knowledge about children’s behaviour, how to build a bridge to achieve a positive outcome , it was brilliant.”

“A reminder that children arrive at nursery with all different feelings just as we do as adults, and ways to respond to this.”

“I learnt to take time to think about how people and children feel at the start of the day.”

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