Understanding Attachment in Nursery or School Settings

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About this training

This is a very popular training as the need to revisit and refresh knowledge of this theory is well recognized in child care and education settings.

Within this interactive training, participants will have the opportunity to refresh their understanding of the relevance of attachment theory to their practice and to reflect on how thinking about children through the lens of this theory helps us to understand and support them effectively.

We make sure that participants leave with a clear understanding of the kind of experiences that lead to children feeling secure or insecure in attachment relationships. To understand the link between attachment experiences and the development of a person’s self-concept (their core beliefs about themselves and the world around them) and how this translates into the child we see and experience. And, super importantly, to understand how to provide children with secure attachment experiences that will help them to develop positive self-concepts and improve their self-esteem.

Feedback on this training

‘Refreshing to go over what I learnt a while ago and good to chat about our own practice.’

‘Perfect! You presented so well and your experience makes the information relevant.’

‘Excellent! Very reassuring and good reminders why not to take behaviours personally.’

‘A very good training session, very relatable and I will be able to put this into practice. Thank you!’

‘Lots of valuable information, strategies and ideas.’

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