Working Creatively with Children and Teens

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About this training

(This training can be adapted for those with or without counselling training who are providing or want to provide one to one mental health support sessions to children and/or young people.)


This full day’s training about the use of play and creativity in therapeutic work with children and teens is engaging and interactive.

Within this day, participants gain an understanding of:

  • The therapeutic powers of play
  • How to structure a creative and therapeutic session
  • The importance of empathic language and listening to communicate to children/young people that they are being heard and valued
  • How to set limits in the context of therapeutic sessions

By the end of the day, participants will have had a solid introduction to this work and developed their confidence in using play and creativity in one-to-one sessions.


What participants said about this workshop:

“I learnt knowledge/awareness of sand trays, it has underpinned expressive therapy for me.”

“ Catherine and Helen, you were very knowledgeable and willing to share your knowledge in response to questions.”

“ Thank you both, I have really values the training, it’s been extremely informative and I’m so glad I came, it was an extremely informative session from two excellent therapists. Thank you!”

“ I gained the confidence to know how to hold back and facilitate the process in a way that feels unfamiliar.”

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