An Insight into the Polyvagal Theory

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About this training

We are pleased to offer a session around Stephen Porges’s Polyvagal theory which is innovative research into the autonomic nervous system. 

Together we will look at how humans have evolved to cope with threat, how people become hardwired to move into flight/ fight or collapse survival responses and the impact this can have on children, young people and our own lives.

Having an understanding of our autonomic nervous system and the possible reasons for our responses to threat, can help us to learn ways to re-establish safety by engaging our social engagement system to re-establish safety (turning to trusted others).

Within our training, we promote an environment that helps participant’s social engagement systems to engage. We do this by creating a sense of togetherness that leads to the feeling of safety enabling individuals to explore their personal reactions to situations, allowing for deeper insight, creativity and retention of information. This promotes an increase in self-awareness which allows then for greater atunement to others.

As part of this training, we will also share highly useful somatic self-care techniques that can help to keep people to feel grounded when everything around them feels out of control.

What participants said about this training:

“Being informed of theory and applying to reality through group discussion, allowed for a better understanding of considering others perceptions in particular situations.”

‘Amazing training, love it! Thank you Catherine and Helen.”

“I learnt new perspectives on trauma and children and very useful theory I wasn’t aware of, I felt we achieved a lot in a short space of time.”

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