Who are we?

Essere is an Italian word meaning ‘To be’. We wanted to choose a name for our business that conveyed the inclusiveness of the service we want to offer. We believe that by providing an atmosphere of acceptance and curiosity, along with our desire to explore alongside another, we can offer a therapeutic experience that supports movement towards a more peaceful and positive state of being.

photo of helen lewin


Helen is a BACP Accredited Therapist and Clinical Supervisor. Helen brings a combination of approaches to the therapeutic relationship, working with the individual as a whole, tailoring the process to meet the unique needs of the client or supervisee.

Helen is aware that there has been a shift in recent years, and we now have a much clearer, more specific understanding of how unresolved adverse experiences shape us and our beliefs about life, and how they can be healed. Helen is passionate about the integration between mind, emotion and body awareness using focusing and other somatic techniques as a gentle way to deal with trauma.

Helen has also trained in Filial Therapy which supports parents/ carers as they learn key therapeutic skills which equip them to engage with their children (for more information please read about our Filial Therapy)

Helen has worked in the area of trauma for over 30 years working with adults, children, young people and families. She has worked for children, family and young people’s services, sexual health services, children's services as an assistant manager and in both mainstream schools and specialist schools who support children and young people with a range of social, emotional, behavioural and specific learning difficulties.

A large part of Helen's work has been to provide therapy for young people and adults who have experienced trauma, neglect and sexual harm.

Helen holds a strong belief that when you enter an unknown inner world of another person; exploring and trying to gain some meaning and knowledge beyond the initial purpose; you begin to gain a sense of freedom, a stronger sense of who you are, which can bring a desire to try new experiences or return to experiences that may have been lost through trauma, fear, depression, or repression, bringing a whole new meaning to our lives.

Photo of Catherine from Essere Therapies


Catherine is a BAPT trained and experienced Play Therapist, accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. She has additional training in the family therapy models of Filial Therapy and Theraplay®, and in Lego® Based Therapy.

Previously, Catherine was a primary school teacher and over the years she met a lot of children who had had difficult life experiences that were affecting the way they felt about themselves and the world around them, adversely affecting their capacity to learn and thrive. Catherine could see that these children needed a specific kind of support and help before they were going to be able to fully focus on fulfilling their potential. Recognising this situation led Catherine to return to university to train as a Play Therapist.

Since gaining her Master’s degree in Play Therapy, Catherine has worked with children and families experiencing a range of issues and very differing histories. Some clients have experienced multiple traumas and losses in their lives and are experiencing a range of difficulties when they begin therapy. Other children are referred because they are experiencing specific issues, such as separation anxiety or low self-esteem. She has worked with children and their birth families as well as those in foster care and those who have been adopted. Her services are sought by schools, social care and parents who seek support privately rather than via. the organisations mentioned.

Please visit the Testimonials page to read about client’s experiences of working with Catherine.