LEGO® Based Therapy Training

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About this training

LEGO®-based therapy is collaborative group play intervention in which children work together to build LEGO® models. The aim of the group is to help children to develop social interaction skills in a friendly, fun setting. Instead of building LEGO® sets by themselves, children work in pairs or teams of three. The task of building is divided into different roles, so social interaction is necessary to participate. By doing this, children practice key skills of collaboration, joint attention, sharing, turn taking, eye contact, communication, social problem-solving and compromise.
This training can be completed in a 3 hour time slot, with a ½ hr break in addition.

Including in the cost of the training is a digital file containing everything needed to provide this effective intervention, everything apart from the Lego!


What participants said about this training:

‘I feel fully prepared and ready to run this now, am looking forward to it.’

‘A practical and useful training, am looking forward to getting stuck in.’

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