Services for Nurseries

We have provided training in local nurseries around understanding children’s behaviours, children and anxiety, polyvagal theory and understanding attachment in the nursery setting.

We provide interactive training (rather than ‘chalk and talk’) as we fully appreciate that staff work hard and need to find training delivered at the end of the working day engaging. We also know that training needs to feel relevant and applicable in a practical sense.

We therefore weave the opportunity to think about specific children staff may have on their minds into our training, and are always happy to support thinking about the reasons behind behaviours, what children might be expressing and, therefore, needing from their key staff.

Encouraging reflection is key in our training as we know that reflecting on our own emotional experience of our practice is where the real learning comes, and from where people experience the biggest confidence boost.

Feedback tells us that people come away from our training feeling that they have both learned things that they are keen to apply to their practise and felt things that will mean that they won’t forget the things that they have learned.

Barrowford Pre-School said:

"As a busy Early Years setting we are always looking for training for our team which does not impede on the day to day routine. Essere Therapies were able to provide training to us at a time and venue to suit us.

We are a very reflective team who strive to develop our knowledge base to meet the individual needs of our children and their families. We often find that training providers cater training with a ‘one size fits all’ attitude. However, Essere Therapies take the time to speak to you in the weeks prior to the training delivery and they really do listen to the needs and wants of the client.

Each training session which they have delivered to us had been tailored for us and therefore exactly met the training needs of our team. It is also delivered in a very engaging and comfortable way with confidentiality and trust central to the sessions. This enhances the engagement and contribution of all participants. Every team member takes away something that will support them in their practice and more often than not they also take away something that helps in their own personal life.

We will definitely continue to use Essere Therapies for our training needs as it positively impacts the quality of daily practice we deliver to our individual children and their families. Helen and Catherine are not only amazing trainers but also amazingly kind human beings."

Our services have been used by:

Barrowford Pre School Nursery

Lakeview Children Nursery

Basnett Street Nursery

Bradley Street Nursery

Little Blossoms of Barrowford Nursery

Little Buttercups of Trawden Nursery