Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

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About this training

The research on ACEs was very impactful in terms of raising awareness around the impact of early life experiences on long term ‘outcomes’ for individuals. ACEs has become a well-used term and one we can hear mentioned in trainings and meetings.

In this training we will go over the main points identified in the research and acknowledge some of the ‘missing bits’ from it too.  We will focus on developing understanding of how adverse childhood experiences impact the way children (and adults) think, feel and respond; and how we can empathically support children and young people who have or are experiencing adversity.


What participants have said about this workshop:

“The right mix of talking and letting the group talk.”

“Learning new approaches”

“I have gained a better understanding of how I handle situations and why I react the way I do. I have also gained knowledge of why children react the way they do after trauma.”

‘I have gained knowledge of how the brain works in relation to adverse childhood experiences and trauma, how trauma can manifest itself and how to deal with these manifestations of trauma.”

“Helen and Catherine were brilliant at responding to the groups interests and needs and nailing down issues of importance, getting smack into the heart of the issues.”

“How do we manage relationships and how to step away from that relationship without causing harm.”

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