Clinical Supervision

We are pleased to be able to offer clinical supervision to therapists, counsellors and professionals. Creating a safe, compassionate, restorative space, so the interplay within the relationships can be seen and felt at a pace that is intentional to the needs of the client and/or supervisee own process.

Our supervisors are highly qualified offering a dedicated protected time every month/half term, either online or face to face, depending on your clinical requirements.

Supervision is becoming increasing valuable to those in a capacity who value a space, where new learning can emerge developing new insights into our work. At Essere we believe in responding to the emotional communication, as we feel it has an impact on our creative, intuitive exploration within relationships.

Research shows that professionals working in the area of trauma can feel self doubt and incompetent at times, the relationship is a crucial element working with the complexities and intricacies felt within our work. At Essere we welcome all our insecurities and vulnerabilities into a non-judgemental space, we reflect on our perceived mistakes and all the joys our work brings. We face together the depths of humanity, which we feel moves us into a deeper more reflective, intuitive way of being. We also offer theoretical reflection when needed being in tune with the supervisee's needs, being aware of differing learning styles, so we can grow and replenish our resources ensuring best practice.

Play therapist, psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, teachers, nursery managers, and headteachers, have all said they have felt the benefit of supervision, the experiential way of working brings emotional and relational sensitivity and warmth, as well as a robust ethical and professional commitment to our work.

Essere’s fundamental ethos is to create a relationships with compassion, warmth and acceptance. The gentle challenge within the relationship, also allows movement into areas of new insight and growth, backed up from years of experience in the field of trauma, working with children, teens and adults.

An Inclusion teacher from a busy primary school said,

" I have the freedom to discuss my issues, whilst being gently challenged to look at things deeper and explore my own thoughts and feelings. This has allowed me to openly look at my own actions and produce real solutions.

All my session so far has been virtual. Initially, I thought this would create a barrier, making it harder for me to express myself. However I immediately felt comfortable, and I was able to speak openly. I always look forward to my sessions as I know I will leave them feeling lighter, with more organised thoughts. I would absolutely recommend Essere Therapies, they are tremendous!"

A Play Therapist said,

"Supervision has been supportive, reflective and innovative. I’ve felt that both the supervisors approach and her way of being have really supported me in my practice.

She has balanced clarity and professionalism, with empathy and connection!"


If you would like a free half an hour free consultation, we welcome a conversation with you.