We see many children and teens who struggle as they try and …...

We see many children and teens who struggle as they try and navigate complex situations whilst at school. This can leave them feeling overwhelmed and may lead to anxiety, self-harm and depression.
MQ researchSee More says that 75% of life-long mental health conditions develop in childhood, however, this is not always understood in society when people say how resilient children are or “they will bounce back”.
We have found that both children and teens often struggle bouncing back just like any adult would and they need time to process their experiences, either through play in our playroom, talking/being creative in our therapy pod or walking outside in an environment that feels familiar, maybe near their home. We also offer home visits if coming to us feels too much.
We always want to work alongside our families and with the new school term approaching you may have noticed your child or teens anxiety increasing, if you are worried and just want to talk it through we offer a free initial conversation, there is no expectation to start therapy, the first step is often just knowing someone is there who understands ☺️