Did you know we are able to offer group coaching supervision…...

Did you know we are able to offer group coaching supervision sessions to school leaders and staff teams ?
Yesterday evening when we held a group session, our therapist entered the room and one person smiled and said, “you’re like a magician, you see things I didn’t even know about myself!”
Group coaching supervision enables the group to consider a topic collectively. Our therapists are highly skilled to provide a safe, confidential space where people’s voices can be heard peacefully.
The purpose of the sessions are to arrive at divergent viewpoint. Our therapists gently support this process by helping the group understand why they arrived at the viewpoint, helping them make meaning of their responses.
By asking focused questions, people always leave the session with a sense of movement and growth, which allows new ways of working to emerge.
Our sessions are backed up from years of experience in the field of trauma, working with children, families, teens and adults. #cyclicalmodel #pageandwosket #coaching #reflectivepractice #esseretherapies