Filial Therapy

Filial therapy can be a transformative and very rewarding experience for the whole family; it is both a therapeutic process and a practical, skills development process.

It begins with the adults spending time getting to know each other, and the therapist learning from the parents/carers what has led their family to be where they are; learning about them and their child/children/ teen, their past and present experiences.

Following this, the therapist supports the parents/carers as they learn key therapeutic skills which equip them to engage with their children/ teen during a planned time each week. Via these sessions, the children/ teen communicate through  their thoughts and feelings through their play/ activities, they share the issues occupying them at that time.

The therapist supports parents in a supervisory role, reflecting on the sessions together, thinking about the skills being practised by the parents/carers and the impact of these as they develop, the content of the sessions and any changes taking place in and outside the sessions.

The child/ teen receives a therapeutic play/ activity experience  which gives them a specific outlet for their emotions and thoughts; and a focused, relationship enhancing experience with their key adult/s. The adult/s receive support, understanding, training and supervision.

In our experience, and that of our Filial colleagues, families experience many positive changes as a result of working together using this family therapy model.

Please go to our testimonials page to read about one family’s experience or get in touch for further information,

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