We were touched by the nature of humanness in our Community …...

We were touched by the nature of humanness in our Community Group this week, when together we all listened to the words below. It touched a part within all of us 🤍

This is not a Pity Memoir by Abi Morgan (read and adapted slightly by our group member)

Day of Hope

When the map you have laid out for your life has been ripped out from your hand.
You are left somehow impotent and abandoned and with the knowledge that the nature of your mortality is not a given. What is it like to have everything? The last words asked of me…
I don’t have everything it is true, but I nearly had it until, and that all got me through.
Our children, our families, work, colleagues, doctors, consultants, therapists, teachers, neighbours, strangers, my dogs, they got me through.
Because for the most part you have to swim across the direction of a current when you are far out of your depth.
Let it at times take you, pull you, threaten to drown you. Hope that you get the break of a wave, or the feel of sand under your feet and then if you can, on your knees, on all fours if you have to.
You do everything in your power, everything, with the little breath you have left to claw your way back, pull yourself up. Until you are lying gasping for air on your back, with you hope the sun is on your face.
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