We have been talking with parents and carers in our Children…...

We have been talking with parents and carers in our Children and Anxiety Workshop about our reactions when we see our children struggling.
Our response may be one of reassurance, for example, “ don’t worry, you’re going to be okay.”
This is a really normal response when we want to help our children to feel better and can be helpful, but it may also be helpful to know that this response engages the thinking front part of the brain, the prefrontal cortex.
However, it may also be useful to understand that the anxious feelings originate in our nervous system.
Children who have many worries may are in the sympathetic part of their nervous system which creates a physical reaction which is felt within their bodies.
Talking doesn’t always calm the worry and more practical strategies may been needed to help calm them.
Supporting children with more practical strategies allows the parasymapathetic nervous system to kick in, hopefully helping them to feel calmer within their bodies, which in turn can help to calm anxious thoughts.
We run many workshops in the local community to help parents and carers understand where the anxiety may originate from and what they can practically do to help.
The next workshop is in Clitheroe at Trinity Community Hub on Wednesday 21st February 7pm – 9pm, please contact @foundationrvf to book a free place.
Or you can book a one off private consultation with one of our therapists who specialise in anxiety and trauma, just get in touch ☺️ #esseretherapies #polyvagaltheory

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