We got the date wrong!! It is Tuesday 25th July…...

We got the date wrong!! It is Tuesday 25th July 😊

A Wellbeing retreat for KS2 aged girls who experience anxiety. ❤

We understand how challenging life can be for children who live with anxiety and for their parents trying to support them. We know that there is a lack of provision in our area offering support with this issue and are therefore making this offer.

💁‍♀️We are inviting girls aged between 7 and 11 to come along for a day of interactive and engaging activities with a focus on feeling well. We will be sharing evidence based techniques so that the children can take away a toolbox of strategies that can be used anytime and anywhere to calm the body and the mind, and also making time for connecting with others and having fun. 🙂

For lunch we will make something together to hopefully eat in the beautiful garden at the centre. 🍓
The day will be planned and facilitated by Catherine @ Essere Therapies and Coach Lindsay.

Venue – Primet Community Centre Colne
Cost – £20 🏘
Date and Time – Tuesday 25th July 10am – 3pm with lunch included 🕑

Contact details – Catherine @ Essere – 07495 390681 or Coach Lindsay – 07815206939

Or you can message us on our social media pages to enquire about places.
There are only 10 places for this retreat but if there is a lot of interest, we will put on another date.
🙍Of course, we know that boys experience anxiety too. If you have a boy who struggles with this and who would be interested in attended an event such as this one, please do get in touch and let us know. We would love to plan an event for boys as well.