Sometimes it’s helpful to try and understand why we may beha…...

Sometimes it’s helpful to try and understand why we may behave in a certain way.
If you think you’re a people pleaser you may have learnt to keep people close when you were younger to get your needs met, the world may have felt dangerous so you learnt to put others before yourself.
Sometimes the validation from others can allow a feeling of being useful or needed, maybe you didn’t feel seen by important people in your life.
If you find you’re altering your words and behaviour to please others, you may not be living the life you want.
Sometimes the awareness of knowing you are behaving this way is enough to begin with, then maybe notice how you feel when you give a response that doesn’t feel authentic may help you recognise why you are responding this way. Noticing if this is a familiar feeling, becoming more self-aware can be the beginnings to create changes if you choose to. Maybe it might be helpful to think, “I can’t change others but I can change how I respond.”
(Image by ScienceofPeople.com)