Our feelings and behaviours can tell us a lot about our nerv…...

Our feelings and behaviours can tell us a lot about our nervous system.
For example, if you are having a conversation with someone and you feel yourself withdraw, it may have triggering your flight response. Your body has perceived a threat, maybe because of something that was said, a facial expression, body language, or even a change in the tone of voice.
When you move into your flight response, you’ve moved into a more activated part of the sympathetic nervous system.
Our bodies remember when we have felt or experienced a threat, maybe in our earlier life, which then activates the nervous system to respond with differing responses in order to protect us (fight, flight, freeze, flop.)
If we understand our behaviour as a survival response it may help us realise that our bodies are just keeping us safe. Otherwise we can be self critical, which is something we can do when we don’t understand our behaviours, or others haven’t understand us and were critical and dismissive.
When we understand where our behaviours originate from, it may allow us to feel some self compassion which it can help us feel less alone.
When we consider the original threat, compassion, understanding and acceptance is often what was needed.
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