I kept this book close even when I wasn’t reading it, I’m no…...

I kept this book close even when I wasn’t reading it, I’m not sure why…maybe it’s because I didn’t want The Little Princess to be alone again.
She was all alone for so long with only her survival responses to keep her alive, but thank goodness she had those responses because tragically so many don’t survive.
Do they not survive because The World doesn’t understand the impact of Child Sexual Abuse, does The World want to keep them quiet, just like the Evil King.
The Little Princess needed loving and someone to help her understand the terrifying responses to CSA, thank goodness for the White Witch.
I’m struggling to know what to do now I have finished this book, so I’m just going to keep the book close.
I believe that everyone should keep this book close, especially if you have some influence with our children’s future or you know of any adult survivors who are trying to make sense of the impact of CSA.
We all need to hear these words, let’s not leave them to suffer alone in silence anymore, let’s be brave like The Little Princess and the White Witch and do it differently 🤍
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