Going back to school can create anxiety for many…....

Going back to school can create anxiety for many.
The ‘what if’ questions may become more frequent or behaviour may change.
If you’re seeing these changes in your child or teen it’s likely to be the fear talking, saying “help me, I’m scared.”
We may avoid the fear by saying “you’ll be okay, don’t worry,” or we may go into fixing mode, telling them what to do.
But if we think what we need as adults when we are really scared, often it’s someone just to sit with us, or give us space to help us process what’s happening.
Creating a space with someone by saying “I can see you’re really struggling, I’m here if you need me” or validating their feeling by saying “you seem really worried about going back to school tomorrow, I’m wondering if it’s because everything feels so different” can help reduce the anxiety.
Doing this we are entering their world, by telling them they are not alone with these overwhelming feelings.
As I write this, we know it’s not an easy task and everyone has a situation unique to their experiences, so we are going to be posting about some more Children and Anxiety Workshops within the next few weeks. 🤍 #esseretherapies #goingbacktoschool #awardsforall