Did you know that fungi is integral to the regulation and ma…...

Did you know that fungi is integral to the regulation and maintenance of soil health, which help trees grow, and in return trees give the fungi the nutrients they need to help them survive. This eco system wouldn’t survive without each other.
It made us think here at Essere about our own way of surviving as humans in this world.
Sometimes we dismiss parts of ourselves, (like the part that feels sad, but we keep smiling to please people.)
When we understand why we dismiss these parts it can help us value their purpose, (as a child being sad wasn’t noticed, it was dismissed as being needy, so I smiled to keep adults who cared for me happy, therefore keeping adults who I needed for my survival close.)
Once we see the process of these dismissed parts we can slowly begin to integrate them back into our system, if we choose to. Maybe, acknowledging when we are sad, or when we are placing others needs before our own. This validation of the dismissed parts may help to ease the dissonance we can experience within ourselves (anxiety/ sadness / floaty feelings.)
Our own autonomic nervous system can then begin to work more collaboratively, just like the eco system 🌳💫 🍄
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